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How do you learn 12 houses in vedic Astrology.

What is Vedic astrology?
The Hindu or Indian astrology is called Vedic astrology, as it is originated from the Vedas. It includes the study of planets moon sun stars of ones horoscope, 12 Zodiac signs and five elements ( Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky) in the nature.

Each house represents a particular component of your life:

1st House:
This house is also known as Lagna sthan. This house represents you, so it is House Of Self, representations like your physical appearance, nature, health, life choices, weaknesses, strengths, your likes and dislikes are all affected by this house.

2nd House: 
This house is also known as Dhana sthan. It signifies your finances, your belongings or possessions. Body organs like tongue,  teeth eyes mouth nose and your neck and facial bones are influenced by this house. Abstract things like ones speech is also influence by this house.

3rd House:
This hose is knows as Parakrama sthan and House Of Siblings. This house is related to communication, mental intelligence, journeys, brothers, sisters, habits and neighbours. Body organs like hands, legs, shoulders, lungs, collar bones and nervous system are influenced by this house.

4th House:
This house also known as Matru sthan. This house controls your matters like real estate, land, vehicles and most importantly your relation with your mother. This house also influence your happiness. Body organs like breasts, stomach and digestive system are controlled by this house.

5th House:
This house is known as Santan sthan and Vidya sthan. This house is related to creativity, playfulness joy, pleasure and romance. This house relates to fortune, good luck, learning and optimism. The body part that this house rules over are heart, back, spine, stomach and pancreas.

6th House:
This house is also known as Shatru sthan. This house is mainly concerned to ones health and enemies difficulties. If this house is strong in an individuals horoscope it is difficult to defeat that person. The body parts that this house controls are waist, lower abdomen, kidney, both the intestine and appendix.

7th House:
This house is also known as Bhagidari sthan and marriage sthan. It is the house which relates to all kinds of partner ship like business partnership, marriage etc.This house also signifies love and romance, it rules various body parts such as kidneys, ovaries and lower bake.

8th House:

This house is also known as Aayu sthan. This house administrates over the events like death, longevity, loses and gains. this house is also known as House Of Mysteries and Transformations. On the good side if this house is strong, individuals have excellent intuitive skills and can develop mastery over fields like psychology astrology paranormal activities and even mathematics. This house supervises over body parts like pelvic bones and external sexual organs.

9th House:
This house is also known as bhagya sthan. This house is mainly deals with Karma, Dharma, Ethics and religious instincts. This the house of luck, fortune and favours. This house administrates body parts like thighs, thighs bones, bone marrow, left leg and arterial system.

10th House:
This house also known as Karma sthan. This house deals with your profession, prestige and reputation. This house also signifies your relation with your father. The body parts supervised by this house are knees, kneecaps, bones and joints.

11th House:
This house is also known as Labh sthan. This house displays ones wealth, fame, income, money and also determines what will bring profit. It determines your social circle and how well you are acquainted whith your elder brother. This house rules over body parts like ankle, right leg, left ear, left arm and shin bone.

12th House:
This sthan is also known as Vyaya sthan. This house represent the ending of ones life cycle and commencement of ones spiritual journey hence it is also known as MOKSH STHAN. This house is related with your dreams, emotions, secretes and intuitions. It governs body parts like left eye, feet and lymphatic system.


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